Check your website for GDPR and ePrivacy compliance?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation, website owners are legally obliged to ensure that a legal basis for processing personal data is established with all European visitors.

Personal data includes certain cookies and trackers which your website may inadvertently be delivering to users. Find out how your website complies with the law.

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Why publishers need a Cookie Management solution

If your website can be visited by European users and your web server delivers any non-exempt cookies to your visitors, for example Google Analytics, you must display a cookie information notice to your visitors.

Additionally, if the cookies or trackers you deliver to devices can identify users, for example for behavioural/targeted advertising then you must seek prior consent for the processing of this data before cookies are ever delivered to a user.

It's a legal requirement
Under both GDPR and the ePrivacy directive it is a legal obligation to obtain consent for certain cookies.
Avoid fines
Under GDPR and ePrivacy, publishers not respecting users privacy rights can have significant fines imposed.
Build trust and transparency with your visitors
Privacy when respected helps publishers build trust and transparency with their visitors.
A fully Customisable and Compliant cookie management solution
Our cookie management solution can be fully customised to match your website brand and style as shown below. In addition our solution is compliant with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework and can be used to manage both IAB and non IAB Vendors.
Plans & Pricing
We provide a simple and clear pricing structure based on the number of pages on your website. Prices shown below are per domain per month and you have the option to cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
  • Per domain / per month
  • Less than 100 scanned web pages
  • Per domain / per month
  • Less than 500 scanned web pages
  • Custom branding
  • Per domain / per month
  • Less than 5000 scanned web pages
  • Custom branding
  • Per domain / per month
  • More than 5000 scanned web pages
  • Custom branding
* All plans include email and chat support.
Detailed analytics on your user consent choices

Our cookie managment solution provides you with detailed analytics on the consent choices your users make and can help optimize the configuration of communication and cookie messaging.

Needless to say, all data collected is anonymized ensuring the privacy of your visitors.