As a website owner, your main priority is user acquisition. There are different strategies you might be using:

• Content for Search Engine Optimization
• Google Paid Ads
• Social Paid Ads & more.

You spend so much time and effort to bring visitors to your website, yet just a fraction of your users end up engaging with your content or products.

The reasons are broad and multiple.
- Your product offering is small or not matching their taste, or budget.
- Visitors find it hard to navigate your website.
- Visitors can’t find relevant information on your website.
- Visitors are purely navigating your store with no immediate intention to buy.

We designed Oriel Push with the primary focus of helping you, website owners engage with your audience better. But not just that! With Oriel Push, you can monetize your audience and earn additional revenue for your website as well as advertise your products and services to extended similar audiences!


Implementation is fast and easy! Simply add new host, verify the domain, copy the snippet, and set up Nginx/Apache config. Next, start setting up your 1st push notification campaign.

- Track users by the pages they are visiting;
- Segment users by generic interest (category) or visited product page;
- Run targeted campaigns to each segment;
- Analyze campaigns and understand their effect on user engagement;
- Monetize your audience and earn additional revenue with your website!
- Advertise to extended similar audiences!


Our system will automatically assign your audience into user segments (categories of interest), through a defined set of criteria (page content, title, meta description & more). Once a user has subscribed to your push notification, they will be assigned to a particular category, or you can assign them to a custom category of your own. You can then reach out to each segment with a targeted product or content-related campaign.

Example Use Case

Let’s use Williams Sonoma, a popular source for gourmet foods and professional-quality cookware, with over 300 product categories and over 8000 products. Their Outdoor Cookware category has over 15,000 unique page views per day, an average of 1300 visitors/day and generates on average, 60 sales per day, $3,000 purchase value. Only 4,62% of their visitors convert. The rest leave without making a purchase. Sure, you can reach out to them via Google Ads and cookie tracking. But at huge costs.
They spend over $20,000 in Advertising per month with Google and over $25,000 advertising in Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & others). Through Oriel Push, Williams Sonoma could target visitors that specifically viewed Outdoor Cookware and target them with special products and discounts, at a fraction of the cost they would pay using Google Ads. But perhaps, some users don’t identify themselves with their brand or showcased products. Williams Sonoma has the option of:

- monetizing their remnant visitors and earning additional revenue, commissions from sales generated on other platforms such as Amazon or eBay.
- advertising their products and services to similar audiences, via Oriel Push Extended Audience Program. *** available soon.


We currently have over 22,000,000 segmented subscribers in over 395 categories, across 25 GEOs.
You can create push campaigns for your products and services and target audiences based on category, device, GEO, and even mobile carrier.
***More information coming soon.

*Getting Started*

Getting started is easy!
Signup here: https://oriel.io/
*** please make sure to pre-select the main category of your website(s).
After you receive the email confirmation, you can access your account and start adding your website(s).

You can add multiple websites, however, we ask you to verify each domain/hostname that you add to your account as a first step.

After you've verified your account, you need to:
• grab the main push notification code snippet and insert it in the section of your website.
• add server configuration code (Nginx/Apache)
And that's it!

Launching your first campaign

You can create a campaign fast and easy:
• Name your new campaign;
• Select Start, Date & Frequency;
• Select the hostname;
• Select the campaign category, GEO, language, device, Carrier /WiFi;

The number of Targeted subscribers that match your selection will appear below.
Next, customize how your Notification will look like.
• set a notification title and your text. Make sure to make it attractive and relevant for the user!
• upload an image to be used as an icon in the notification.
• Insert the expiry time for the notification. If a user is not available, then the notification will be retried until the expiration time.
• Enter the URLs that will get triggered when the user clicks on the notification. Use the query string format (with "?") for UTM parameters, instead of a fragment ("#").
Advanced campaign features:
Notification Badge Image
An image to represent the notification when there is not enough space to display the notification itself such for example, the Android Notification Bar. On Android devices, the badge should accommodate devices up to 4x resolution, about 96 by 96 px, and the image will be automatically masked.

Notification Language
Specifies the language used within the notification.

The direction of the text in the notification.
This indicates that on devices with sufficiently large screens, a notification should remain active until the user clicks or dismisses it. If this value is absent or "false", the desktop version of Chrome will auto-minimize notifications after approximately twenty seconds. The default value is "false".

Notification Vibration Pattern
A vibration pattern to run with the display of the notification. A vibration pattern can be an array with as few as one member. The values are times in milliseconds where the even indices (0, 2, 4, etc.) indicate how long to vibrate and the odd indices indicate how long to pause. For example, `300, 100, 400` would vibrate 300ms, pause 100ms, then vibrate 400ms.

Add unique identified for the notification.
A unique identifier for the notification. If not provided, one will be generated server-side. The tag gets used on the client-side to eliminate duplicates (repeated messages can be silent).

You're all set!
Want to set up multiple campaigns at once? just clone them, edit the hostname or other different criteria and you're good to go.

Help Center

You can contact our Support team via Email ([email protected]) or Skype: to be provided and our Support team will be in touch with you shortly.
Yes, you can add up to 100 domains. However, you need to prove you're the owner of the respective domains.
As a Publisher, you have the option of adding several domains/hostnames. We don't accept websites with back page or redirect traffic. You need to always have an active do-follow backlink pointing to www.oriel.io
Simply click on 'Forgot My Password' under the registration form, check your email, click on the link within and you will be routed to input a new password for your account.
Yes, you can. Please contact our Support team via Email ([email protected]) or Skype: to be provided and our Support team will be in touch with you shortly.
Yes, Oriel can deactivate your account instantly, if we have information that you're spreading malware or participate in illegal activities, as per our Terms and Conditions.
We will have a referral partner program soon. Stay tuned!
Yes, you can use any external tracking link or UTM tags.
Currently, we don’t have this feature available, we will implement it soon.
Yes, you can check the stats of each campaign in the Statistics tab, in the right-hand menu of your account dashboard.