Re-engage your visitors

through powerful push notifications

Ongoing communication with your offline subscribers


Digital Mapping - Engage Customers in the Moment

Use our smart filters, segment your website audience on specific demographics and page location. Tailor page-specific smart campaigns based on your visitor's demographics and interests.

Here's an example: If a website visitor with an "Unknown" profile enters the "Dog Food" category of your website, send them "Welcome! Enjoy 20% off our FIDO's Pleasure set today!"
Notifications can be in-app or mobile push notifications.

Enable better customer service

Unlock better customer service with contextual notifications.

Address your visitors needs in the moment!

Build Powerful Loyalty Programmes

Combine your CRM & Analytics data to build highly-targeted loyalty campaigns.

Encourage your customers to rate their experience when they leave your online store.

Know Your Customers & Improve your ROI

Identify your most valuable customers, increase revenue and improve the customer experience in your online store.

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