Oriel’s patent-pending content protection technology renders desktop, mobile and even ISP ad-blocking ineffective

LONDON, UK – 26th January 2016 - Oriel Ventures today announces the public launch of its unique SaaS technology which provides publishers with tools to analyse, communicate and re-engage its ad-blocking audiences, protecting their content and advertising revenue.

Private pre-launch trials of Oriel software conducted over the last three months with publishers in the technology, gaming, news, blogging and social media industries have proven successful, with up to 40% of ad-block users opting to whitelist or disable their ad-blocker in exchange for access to ad-supported content. Oriel is now making its software available to the ad-supported global web publishing community.

Aidan Joyce, CEO and co-founder, Oriel, said; “Ad-blocking has rapidly evolved as a consumer response to poor practice in advertising and the tools we offer today provide immediate results for publishers to render ad-blocking ineffective. Our goal is to expand our content protection delivery platform to encapsulate more user-centric needs by fixing what’s wrong with advertising; namely speed of delivery, ad-choice, privacy concerns and safety for users.”

Oriel is the first software platform which provides publishers a complete set of tools to:
  1. Analyse accurately from a comprehensive range of analytics the true impact of ad-blocking on a publisher's business.
  2. Communicate directly with adblock users through the presentation of customizable messages.
  3. Re-engage ad-block users through using Oriel’s content access control and content delivery protection technology which renders ad-block software ineffective.

Oriel Dashboard

Globally adblocking grew over 40% last year and now has more than 220 million monthly active users. On mobile the worst affected markets are seen in Asia, in particular India where over 50% of the population use browsers such as UC Browser which have ad-blocking built in.

Founded in 2014 by tech innovator and developer, Aidan Joyce, Oriel Ventures Limited is a joint venture company between Forsage Holdings & Tri-Ant Technologies. The company closed a seed fund investment of €1 million in 2015.

To learn more or to set up a software trial, visit: https://oriel.io/

About Oriel

Founded in 2014, Oriel is the unique and new software service which provides publishers with the tools to analyse, communicate and re­engage its ad­blocking audiences, protecting their content and advertising revenue. For more information, visit https://oriel.io/

About Forsage Holdings Ltd

Forsage Holdings Ltd is a family owned Irish holding company with investments in IT, media & Communications. Forsage’s seed investment fund focuses on working in partnership with start­up units who possess new disruptive software technologies and a strong management team which can leverage Forsage’s experience and resources in international product marketing and support.

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