LONDON, 00:01 15th June 2016 - Oriel, the content delivery protection technology start-up, has today announced the launch of their Oriel WordPress plugin, which is set to empower publishers of all sizes to deal with the impact of adblocking.

The plugin’s ‘plug and play’ approach means publishers do not need to write any code or install any scripts. With a simple 2 minute install, publishers will have access to analytics on their ad-blocking visitors and tools to re-engage them. This includes communication and content access control to adblockers. The plugin also has the capability to protect the integrity of the content being delivered to users, including advertising and analytics used by publishers. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and blogging platform. It powers over 60 million websites around the world, from small publishers to some of the largest publishers in the world.

Not only is ad-blocking technology impacting the revenue required to support publishers, it is also impacting the user experience – impacting everything from airline check-ins, online shopping to the delivery of editorial content. Unlike other solutions on the market, Oriel’s software uses patent-pending technology that guarantees the delivery of web content, and does not adopt ‘cat and mouse’ tactics to do so. It’s proven to work against desktop, browser, mobile and even the latest network-level ad-blocking. Oriel’s platform is also designed to ensure that only acceptable advertising formats are allowed and blocks the use of poor advertising such as pop-ups, pop-unders, Flash adverts and volume enabled videos.

Aidan Joyce, CEO of Oriel, said, “We believe ad-blocking technology is a consumer right and evolutionary defence against an abundance of poor quality advertising. Unfortunately, ad-blocking technology is a blunt instrument which by default makes no differentiation between poor and quality advertising. “Most ad-blocking users do not object to a reasonable advertising experience in return for quality free content. Sadly it is the smaller publishers and content creators that suffer the most. What our WordPress plugin offers, is a way for publishers of any shape and size, to better understand their ad-blocking problems and then re-engage their adblock visitors.” The plugin pricing starts with a free service offering basic analytics for individual publishers. Paid plans, with advanced analytics and re-engagement features, start from €9.95 per month. Full details can be found here.