So you think your audience are just blocking ads?
Well think again!

With recent and continued publicity on the topic of adblocking you will likely have heard the expression, "Adblocking is a blunt instrument". Generally what this statement refers to is the fact that adblocking software does not differentiate between good and bad advertising, it simply blocks all kinds of ads.

However, Ad-blocking is blocking more than just adverts – it’s blocking everything from airline check-ins, order tracking, news content, social sharing and even entire blogs without us knowing – we’re not just talking about pop-up ads, it’s resulting in missing sections and errors on websites.

Like regular users when we come across missing sections or errors on a website, we assume the site is simply broken. However, we forget or don't realize that our adblocker can be the culprit not the website we are visiting, and what do we do? - Go somewhere else, get frustrated, complain?

In fact, we have evidence that shows that a number of the UK’s top companies including BA, Land Rover, P&G and Vodafone are being affected. As you know, a large number of internet users globally have downloaded ad-blocking plugins. You may not however realise that ad-blocking is going native, that is adblocking is being integrated into browsers such as UC Browser, Brave and most recently Opera without the need to install any third party software or plugin.

Mobile operator Three is even looking at blocking adverts at a network level, that is even before they reach mobile devices. It might seem convenient, but below the surface is a very shady, and serious issue – it is interfering, changing and potentially censoring web content and like a "man in the middle attack" the true nature of what the publisher intended to deliver to their website audience is therefore compromised.

The ad-blocking system has become a modern-day protection racket. Despite the extensive media attention ad-blocking has received, what hasn’t been reported is that ad-blocking technologies do not only block adverts, even airline check-ins, order tracking and news content as is shown in the presentation above.

While we believe adblocking is a consumer right we also believe that publishers whose content we access have the right to protect the Integrity and Delivery of their web content from any form of manipulation, change or censorship. Once a webpage is delivered to a user as intended by a publisher and just like we receive a book, a magazine, a newspaper from a traditional publishers, then and only then should we be allowed take out our adblocker / pen to change what we got and if we feel like it, draw a moustache on the queen!