Ad Protection Technology for adopters of Better Ads Standards

4 desktop and 8 mobile ad formats to be retired from the web

London, UK: As a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, Oriel is delighted to endorse the Better Ads Standards designed to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising.

Starting immediately, Oriel’s ad protection technology will only support publishers and advertising which conform to the Better Ads Standards to be protected through its platform.

Protection of unacceptable user experience ad formats such as those outlined by the Coalition will not be supported by Oriel.

“Implementation of Better Ads Standards is exactly what is needed by the industry in order to clean up the horrible user experience served by much of the advertising we see online today”

“as well as benefiting users, publishers now have comprehensive research giving them the confidence and right to protect compliant advertising from blunt ad-blocking software in exchange for maintaining free access to all users” commented Aidan Joyce, Oriel’s CEO.

The findings from 25,000 users on 104 ad formats clearly identify the need to immediately retire 4 desktop and 8 mobile ad formats if publishers, advertisers and ad tech companies are to stem the continued growth of ad-blocking.

More detailed information on the above ad formats which fall below a threshold of consumer acceptability can be downloaded here.

Oriel: provides publishers with Software as a Service technology to analyse the impact of ad-blocking, communicate and engage with ad-block visitors and protect advertising from being tampered with by ad-blocking software.