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Founded in 2015, Oriel is an international startup, with offices in London and Bucharest. Our company was founded on the vision that online advertising will be forced to undergo major user driven transformation now and into the forseeable future .

We believe we are poised as a team of technology and business professionals to take advantage of this inevitable change and become a major industry player in the reinvention and future of online advertising.

Online advertising, if done correctly will continue to provide the fairest value exchange proposition between users, publishers, content creators and advertisers.

Ad technology for

publishers who

care about quality


At Oriel we believe Ad-blocking technology is a consumer right and evolutionary defence against an abundance of poor quality advertising. Unfortunately, ad-blocking technology is a blunt instrument which by default makes no differentiation between poor and quality advertising.

Oriel technology, though it can, has not been created to circumvent ad-blocking or user choice, but instead to defend and facilitate quality publishers with the ability to present high quality non intrusive advertising to 100% of their audience in exhange for the content and services we all love.

Our Management Team

Roby Burke
Roby Burke
Aidan Joyce
Aidan Joyce
Azim Mahmood
Azim Mahmood
Director, Solutions
Oliver Meister
Oliver Meister
James Quinn
James Quinn
Anamaria Ilie
Anamaria Ilie
Marius Ionescu
Marius Ionescu

We're hiring.

Join us in re-inventing

the future of advertising

We're constantly looking to hire talented people that can help us change the way online advertising is done.

We currently have the following openings at Oriel.

  • Back-end developer
  • UI/UX Front-end developer
  • Sales consultant - London
  • Customer success engineer

Simply drop us a line at careers@oriel.io letting us know what position you are interested in and we will rervert to you with full details and application form.

Our investors
Forsage Holdings

Forsage Holdings Ltd is a family owned Irish holding company with investments in several businesses, including: IT & Communications, Media and Advertising. Forsage has a seed investment fund focused on working in partnership with start-up units who possess new disruptive software technologies and a strong management team which can leverage Forsage’s experience and resources in international product marketing and support.

Tri-Ant Technologies

Tri-Ant technologies is a software and intellectual property investment specialist with a deep understanding of new and emerging software technologies. The Tri-Ant team brings over 40 years of collective experience in the software development industry and takes active board and management positions within each of its high potential startup investments.

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